Support and Recognition for Donor Families

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Transplantation would not be possible without the generosity of donor families.
A family's choice to donate during their time of tragedy is a choice for life for someone else. It is a choice that can provide solace and promote healing for the donor family.

NEOB provides support.

NEOB supports donor families in the difficult time following the death of a loved one. Following the donation, NEOB sends a sympathy card and later a letter detailing the outcome of the transplants and thanking them for their gifts. In the year following the donation, NEOB sends various bereavement materials including Surgeon General Certificates of Appreciation and information from the National Donor Family Council, including For Those Who Give and Grieve booklets and newsletters and information about the national Donor Family Quilt.

Resources for donor families.

In addition to the NEOB's own bereavement materials, donor families may choose to seek out further support from either a local or a national organization. These resources are provided to all donor families following the donation event. To view these recommended resources and their website addresses, click here.

There are numerous other web sites that are available for bereaved individuals and families to utilize for support. For a comprehensive listing provided by the National Donor Family Council, click here.

Every year NEOB publishes Remembrances, a compilation of thoughts and tributes from donor families. Click here to read Selections from Remembrances.

Memorial Corner

Sometimes in the midst of grief and loss, words can fall short of expressing deep feelings. Memorial projects can provide comfort and an outlet for those feelings that escape words. The ceremony of creating memorials can help us remember and reconcile loss in our lives. Click here to view memorial project options.

Remembrances Quilt Project - An Invitation to Donor Families

NEOB invites you to participate in our Remembrances Quilt Project. This quilt is dedicated to commemorating the lives of those who have given the gift of life through organ and/or tissue donation. Each 8" square can be adorned with special details such as photographs, poems, quotes and symbols of the donors' lives. Families are encouraged to share their stories about the meaning of the square. These stories, in booklet form, will accompany the Quilt when displayed. The Quilt will be displayed throughout New England to spread the message of organ and tissue donation. Contact Donor Family Services through our information request form or by phone at 800-446-6362 for information about participating in this project.

Facilitating written correspondence between recipients and donor families.
The decision to write to a donor family or a recipient is a very personal one. Sometimes, donor families and reipients choose to share information about themselves and their loved ones. Written correspondence is anonymous. If both families wish it, direct contact, either by telephone or in person is possible. For more information about writing to donor families and recipients, click here